Our Activities

Chase Art Foundation


An initiative by Chase Art Foundation is a series of short stories being read by artists. “Baha” means flower, the word is taken from the santhali language of Jharkhand.
So, we are welcoming you with our bouquet of stories.  We are keeping our first story of the series Baha (flower) in front of you. Please listen to the storyteller, enjoy the emotion and feel the words. Like “BAHA” we also make many other art dances, drama, sing, etc.

drawing education

Art Education

Although we are from a country full of culture and art, in our country drawing education is not provided at the primary level even at a higher level. Art is a process of fulfillment running through every aspect of life. Drawing goes on in a creative, and joyful manner. Our foundation taught every orphan child and also we go to primary schools and other campuses to teach their children to draw. We also organize drawing competitions at various events.

Creativity  Program

By craft and creativity children can learn to make correct effective decisions by facing artistic challenges. Creativities and crafts activities help to grow the sense of achievement and pride, boosting self-confidence in children. Chase art foundation has taken that lack to wants to make them stronger, creative, and confident. Our foundation taught all children how to make all types of creative crafts.