Betla Mahotsav

Chase Art Foundation

Betla Mahatsov is an attempt to showcase the cultural art forms & literature of the country and particularly by local artists. The festival aims to create a platform for artists, performers & writers from across India. The festival will not only showcase the cultural art forms of the country but will also put Betla national park and nearby tourist destinations in the cynosure of national and international attention. 
With ample natural suamic points, national parks, biodiversity, and places of scientific, historical, and religious importance, Jharkhand has the potential to be India’s top tourist destination. This, along with enriched art, craft, literature, local dance, and music form can create a unique cultural tourism experience for national and international tourists. This Mahotsav is initiated by “Chase Art Foundation” (a Jharkhand-based NGO working for the promotion of art and upliftment of artists) in association with “Walkrs” (Event management arm of Delhi-based company Kafiya Management Pvt Ltd). The event will be held in Daltonganj and Belta on 9-11 March 2018.

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