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Chase Art Foundation

Chase Art Foundation a Jharkhand-based NGO working for the promotion of art and upliftment of orphans in association with “Walkrs” (Event management arm of Delhi-based company Kafiya Management Pvt Ltd). Every kid has an artistic bend. We wish to fulfill their desire by every means. Chase Art Foundation is an art foundation cum NGO in Palamu, Jharkhand. It has the mission to bring out artistic expression and nurture the art & craft skills among underprivileged children. We also work as a charitable trust for the orphans and the poor children. We have also organized a program initiative named “Betla Mahatsov”. It is an attempt to showcase the cultural art forms & literature of our country and particularly by local artists. Our Foundation is a non-governmental charitable foundation, located at Palamu, Jharkhand. Chase Art Foundation is not only a foundation it is also a revolution for Art by Artists and A helping hand to all helpless orphans. The efforts of the

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foundation have translated well beyond art teaching; into a positive impact on the personality, confidence, and behavioral progress of participants/attendees. It’s serving the children & slum dwellers from different places like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and various cities in Jharkhand, Bihar, U.P. 

Art is Free & Independent…

Our Mission

Chase Art Foundation’s mission is to make a better tomorrow for children. To build a better artistic educational system for poor and orphan children. Our goal is to show that every child has a hidden talent. We are working for a better upgrade quality education for all. Also to help the poor children and orphans who are skilled in artistic quality by extending a helping hand to them. Besides this, our organization is also working on how to develop drama, dance, and various cultural events to better present and reach everyone. To encourage the potential artists to excel in the field of art and culture and also help in developing their skills. Arranging meetings at regular intervals, and get-togethers. celebrations of special events etc. among the members. Undertaking social services. Conducting welfare schemes and entertainment programs for the members of society and their families.

Our Vision

Art is not what you see, but art is what you make others see. We support the arts in India. Our goal is to bring to the public the millennia-long cultural heritage that unveils our past. Chase Art Foundation has a vision to uplift orphan children living under hopeless circumstances by teaching them arts. Through art both good and bad aspects of society can be highlighted. We have to make the bad aspects of our society good and the good aspects better through art. Our Society does not work profitable and commercial. The primary object of this society -Art, Culture, Craft & Literature. Our vision is to assist Artists & Litterai who need financial and physical support and to bring like-minded social workers together to encourage people for social art and culture. The foundation also acts as an Official body while representing any grievance to the Government / recognized bodies / Associations. To teach theatre, art & craft culture & literature country. needed and poor children across the off with.

Our Objectives

To work for the promotion and development of agriculture cultivation of medicinal plants, biological farming, plantation, irrigation, horticulture, and sericulture. To work for the development of Sanitation, Cleanness, and personal development. Education and training, Self-employment, Tribal welfare in the state. In the future we want o train, empower and support mentally and physically handicapped, disabled, and homeless people by opening the handicapped home shelter, specialized non-conventional energy, and training center. To provide knowledge of this environment also to plant all types of fruity, fodder, and trees for the protection of the environment. Organize sports, cultural programs seminars, fairs, group discussions debates, awareness campaigns, health camps, etc. By owner with any individual, organization, state, or central Gov. Chase Art also provide legal awareness, and legal aid to the poor, women, children, and deprived class of the society. Protect right awareness and keep away from blind faith and be aware of scientific education.